Alpine CDE-141 CD/MP3 Car Stereo Receiver with Front Aux Input and USB

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Alpine CDE-141 CD/MP3 Car Stereo Receiver with Front Aux Input and USB

Alpine CDE-141 CDMP3 Car Stereo Receiver with Front Aux Input and USB

App Direct Mode opens up more music

If you’ve got an iPhone®, you know that the music you’ve stored on it is only part of the story – streaming apps let you tune into a plethora of music and other programs. Alpine’s CDE-141 CD receiver features App Direct Mode, giving you access to select music apps, so you can tune in and enjoy this content. App Direct Mode offers limited control over your apps and displays metadata so you’ll know at a glance the name of song and the artist that’s playing.

Great for your stored iPod® and iPhone® content too

Of course, you can also use the CDE-141’s controls to navigate your iPod’s music library, thanks to a convenient front-panel USB input – just plug in your device and get ready to groove. Alpine’s rotary encoder makes really easy to find your favorite songs, albums, artists, or playlists quickly. Your copilots will love Passenger Control Mode, which lets them play DJ while you focus on driving.

Control and expand your system

A powerful internal amp gives you plenty of headroom to turn up the volume without the sound getting distorted and harsh. You can adjust the overall tone to taste with the 3-band parametric EQ, which allows you to choose the centerpoint for your bass, midrange, and treble controls.

General features:

CD receiver with AM/FM tuner

built-in MOSFET amplifier (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels)

App Direct Mode offers basic control of many streaming music apps

plays CDs loaded with MP3 and WMA files

remote control ready

Audio features:

3-band parametric equalizer with ten presets

high- and low-pass filters, subwoofer phase switch


iPod direct control via USB input – no adapter necessary, but adding Alpine’s optional cable lets you leave your iPod cable at home

inputs: front USB and auxiliary inputs

outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (2-volt front, rear/subwoofer)

Product Features


R. Johnson says:

Miss being able to adjust Bass, Treble and Mid Range There is no doubt anyone who has or has heard Alpine products can say that the clarity is very good. I have no use for bluetooth and such so the front usb and aux are just enough for me. The IPod interface is great and there are a lot of other great IPhone features as well.I have a 2002 Jetta and installing was a breeze. My unit is paired w/ the Alpine ktp-445 power pack. There is no question on the overall improvement just with factory speakers. It’s just sound incredible. I will soon be adding an Alpine amp and sub to get the full range audio that I desire.Being able to add the power and quality for under $200 just makes sense.

Anonymous says:

I bought the Alpine CDE-141 a couple of weeks ago to replace an old factory audio CD only stereo. I’ve previously used a Boss Audio MP3 CD stereo, and I thought that was okay. But this Alpine stereo makes the Boss Audio one look like garbage!Sound quality on this model is very good. And the user interface is well made and intuitive enough, although it could be better. There are tons of audio options (accessible by tapping the “audio” button and then using the volume control to adjust), and a lot of other nice features. The random track options in particular are nice (you can randomize by folder or by all). Another plus with this model is that if one of the speakers blows out the unit will keep playing, and not shut down like a lot of other models do. I mainly listen to music using the front USB jack, which has a compact 8GB thumb drive loaded with MP3s plugged into it.PROS:* Great sound quality* Nice construction with quality parts. It’s still early days, but I feel like this model will last very well over time.* Very customizable audio settings* Good randomize featuresCONS:* The manual that comes with it is very short and doesn’t cover some important options (like programming radio stations).* User interface, while good, could be a bit better. It’s quite easy to get stuck in one of the many sub-menus without an obvious way of backing out. But still, the UI is better than other car stereos.* Would be nice if it had ID3 tag read-out on the little LCD display, but not a big deal.Overall, despite it’s minor cons, this model is very good. I am happy with my purchase.

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