Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Complete Starter Pack

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Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Complete Starter Pack

Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Complete Starter Pack

From Alfred Music Publishing, the worldwide leader in music education products since 1922, comes Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Starter Pack: Everything You Need to Play Today! This award-winning, bestselling, complete starter pack includes a high-quality ¾-size Firebrand™ acoustic guitar with nylon strings, deluxe accessories including a gig bag carrying case with straps, a Firebrand™ portable electronic tuner with batteries included, a set of Firebrand™ guitar picks, and Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course (Book, CD, DVD and Software), the world’s bestselling multimedia instruction series for kids.

Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Starter Pack includes:

High-quality Firebrand™ 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar that features:

  • Spruce wood top, Mahogany neck, and Linden wood back and sides for a full, rich tone
  • Rosewood fretboard with nylon strings make playing easy for kids’ hands
  • Beautiful, gloss finish
Deluxe Firebrand™ Accessories include:
  • Custom-fit Firebrand™ gig bag carrying case with straps and zippered pocket for carrying sheet music and accessories
  • Firebrand™ portable electronic guitar tuner with batteries included for tuning up your new guitar right out of the box
  • A set of 3 Firebrand™ guitar picks

    Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course (Book, enhanced-CD, DVD):

    Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Complete Starter Pack

    Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course is the #1 best-selling guitar method for kids! This award-winning (“Best Product of the Year” – Disney’s iParenting Media Award) method is the easiest guitar method ever for kids ages 5 and up. Using plain language that’s easy for kids to understand, three irresistible guitar experts guide students along – a clever classical dog, one cool jazz cat, and a friendly alligator who loves the blues – they focus attention by pointing out what’s important on each page and make learning music fun! Kids will learn to play chords and melodies, read music, and perform lots of fun songs.

    The book comes to life on your stereo and your computer with the enclosed enhanced-CD. The disc includes beautiful recordings of all the music in the book and can be played on your CD player or downloaded to your iPod® or other mp3 player. Play the same disc on your computer (Windows/Mac compatible) to instantly access an interactive guitar tuner, digital guitar chord dictionary, and play-along songs! Kids can see and hear the music, and even adjust the tempo of songs for practice or performance!

    The enclosed companion DVD to this best-selling edition features a live instructor to make learning the guitar even easier! Hosted by renowned guitarist Janet Robin, this DVD demonstrates the fundamentals of guitar playing including how to hold and tune the guitar, strum chords, read music, and play lots of fun songs! Also included are live on-screen notes for an easy introduction to reading music, live performances demonstrate how the music should sound, and bonus mp3 audio tracks of all examples for listening and playing along!

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    ToneButcher says:

    Old world craftsmanship? Not really. But a good starter package, nice gift. I bought this pack as a gift for a friend’s child who has shown interest in playing the guitar. Of course, I needed to check it out before passing it along… Inside the gift box, you get a ¾ size “classical” (nylon-string) acoustic, a slip cover, tuner and course book with 2 CDs (software and music) and a certificate. The learning materials look approachable (book and software, plus a certificate of accomplishment). Alfred has a solid reputation in the educational arena; I haven’t dug in to the materials too deeply, so I will focus on the instrument and accessories for this review. The guitar itself is decent – hardly a prime example of old-world craftsmanship, but it sounds nice enough, and seems solidly built. A “gig bag” is included. Not very protective, but it’ll keep the dust off. The tuner works ok, although you’ll want to help your little student use it to tune the guitar and keep it in tune. The strings are nylon – a good choice for beginners with small hands and soft fingers, but expect to do a lot of tuning in the first day or two as the strings stretch out a little and settle in. Overall, a nice value for the money, and suits its purpose well.

    jinx says:

    good for a child I got this on sale for $49.99 and fro that much it’s a good deal. I would notpay the $120 that it normally sells for because it’s very weak sounding andthe extras (music book, cd, and tuner) are mostly a distraction and not worth much.

    Just a Pen Name says:

    Very nice guitar package I bought this set for my daughters when it was a Gold Box deal, so the price was right. It includes an electronic tuner, DVD, a small computer program, and a soft guitar bag.While I’m certainly no expert on guitars, I have owned a few inexpensive acoustics. The hardware on this guitar is the best of that bunch. No sharp edges on the frets (those pretty much ruin the experience), and the finish is nice. The guitar as a whole feels more solid than I expected. There are no pegs for a strap.At 3/4 size it’s still a bit too big for my girls (8 and 5), but they don’t seem to mind.The DVD is great. Small, easily completed lessons (handily cut up into individual chapters) by a pleasant enough teacher. Get through the whole thing, and you feel like you have moved forward. The computer program is very small – it looks like it has been around since the MS-DOS days, and at 640×480 it is a bit smallish on the screen. But it includes a nice little tuning app, with both pitchpipe functions and a tuner (requires a mic, of course). The program also has a chord chart. The CD-ROM useful, but don’t make it the main reason you buy this package. The tuner is comparable to other $10-to-$20 tuners out there, with an input for electric guitars. All in all, a great value (at least, when it was on sale).

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