Adidas Euro 2012 Replique Soccer Ball (White, Black, Size 5)

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Adidas Euro 2012 Replique Soccer Ball (White, Black, Size 5)

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H. Amireh says:

Excellent soccer ball! Since there weren’t any reviews at the time of my purchase, i had to base my purchase solely on the description and picture. This is a great soccer ball and has many great qualities.Air Retention- This soccer ball can hold air for a long time, longer than many other soccer balls.Looks- The ball looks really nice. It is the same ball they will use at the euro 2012 qualifying rounds.Quality- This ball has very good quality.Good touch- It isn’t very slippery and does well in the rain. It feels really good as a soccer ballThey ship it deflated so make sure you have a air pump. This is probably the best soccer ball i have ever played with, and at 30 dollars, it is well worth the price.

Asim says:

Good Ball, worth the money Its a great ball I’ve had it since 7/28, it holds air pretty well, it would have been nice if it were specified that the ball came deflated, but I’m telling you now, so have your pump ready, the ball is really firm and has a good grip to it, I like doing freekicks and this ball is pretty good for them

Bryan L. Hall "Malabrigo" says:

Beautiful and Different Beautiful ball with the 32 panel design I really enjoy and immediately fell in love with. Great touch and nice in the rain. The hand stitching is great and I expect this ball to last for a long time. However, I’ve never had a ball with a latex bladder before. It delivers very lively play and is exciting coming off your foot. The downside is that it actively leaks air. Having that piece of knowledge I now know that I need to pump it before play and not to be surprised if it changes inflation during the game. I read up on this a little more and found out FIFA says that up to 25% air loss is normal!If you’re willing to put in the “maintenance” each day this ball it’s well worth it!

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