Acase Folio iPad Mini Case / Cover (Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch Tablet) with Built-in Stand – Support Smart Cover Function for Mini iPad (Black)

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Acase Folio iPad Mini Case / Cover (Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch Tablet) with Built-in Stand – Support Smart Cover Function for Mini iPad (Black)

Introducing the lastest Slim Premium Litchi Grain Multifunction Leather Acase iPad Mini Case is here – This is the best case you have ever had with your lovely Apple iPad Mini. You buy a Apple iPad Mini but you can`t find a suitable case for
it. Acase knows what you need!

Acase spends countless hours to ensure that this new design case is totally fit for Apple iPad Mini.

The Acase multifunction Litchi Grain leather case for Apple iPad Mini is perfect for daily usages and travels! The exterior of this case is made of litchi grain leather, which is light-weight and can provide the Apple Mini a total protection from scratches and small impacts. The microfiber protect your Apple iPad Mini without any scratches and no residues falling on to the screen. In the mean time you could still enjoy it`s perfectly thinness and nice look.

This perfectly design give your iPad mini a snug fit without adding any bulk to it, which is a great match with the slender design of the Apple iPad Mini.

The grooves on the microfiber part of the case offer the Apple iPad Mini multi viewing angles, now you are able to type an email or watch a movie without holding the Apple iPad Mini all the time!.

You can still access all of the Apple ‘s iPad Mini features! You can put your Apple iPad into any other bag or case without having to worry about not fitting! The choice solution in Apple iPad Mini mobile protection!

Try it – from the best Tablet Case manufacture to add additional protector to your newest Apple iPad Mini

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Sidney A. Scheck "Sid" says:

Great iPad mini case I love this case and the price point is excellent!I had said metal strips in the video. I meant rubber strips(referring to the other case I had originally tried). I also did not mention in the video that the case has a strap for your hand.

mindintrigue says:

Nice and DURABLE! Bought this case, and fits my iPad Mini nicely. Smart cover feature works well to. Best part of the case in my experience was it’s durability. Just a few days after getting the case, I left my Mini to top of my minivan. Drove away and about a mile down the road as I turned a corner I saw my Mini fly off the roof, tumble a couple of time and stop in the median. I pull over expecting the worst. The case had a few scuffs on it and my mini can a couple small spots on the outer edge that were scuffed, but the Mini survived and is still working well. The case looks and feels nice and it definitely will protect your investment!

R. Lee says:

Tight fit on the screen I bought this to ensure my new Mini was protected. The cover fit very snug over the Ipad, too snug if you asked me. Where the clamp snaps to the other cover to keep it shut, I had to bend the clamp out a bit as it kept rubbing/scratching the side of the Ipad, so much that I think it took off some paint. Also, because the cover closed so tightly, the inside of the front cover left impressions on the screen protection that I decided to get a new cover, a poetic cover, which I really love. And it was really cheap too.

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