A Guide To Health

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A Guide To Health

CONTENTS Translator’s Note Introduction Part I: General Chap. I. The Meaning of Health Chap. II. The Human Body Chap. III. Air Chap. IV. Water Chap. V. Food Chap. VI. How much and how many times should we eat? Chap. VII. Exercise Chap. VIII. Dress Chap. IX. Sexual Relations Part II: Some Simple Treatments Chap. I. Air Treatment Chap. II. Water Cure Chap. III. The Use of Earth Chap. IV. Fever and its Cures Chap. V. Constipation, Dysentery, etc. Chap. VI. Contagious Diseases Smallpox Chap. VII. Other Contagious Diseases Chap. VIII. Maternity and Child-Birth Chap. IX. Care of Child Chap. X. Accidents —Drowning Chap. XI. Do —Burns and Scalds Chap. XII. Do —Snake Bite Chap. XIII. Do —Scorpion-sting, etc. Chap. XIV. Conclusion


emily says:

bad it didn’t help me at all it is very cofusing.it makes no sense.i was trying to learn a little bit about cancer and it did not help.

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