(5) Empty Standard XBOX 360 Translucent Green Replacement Games Boxes / Cases #DVBR14XBOX

Pinned on August 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm by Steve Ramos

(5) Empty Standard XBOX 360 Translucent Green Replacement Games Boxes / Cases #DVBR14XBOX

These are XBOX 360 TRANSPARENT GREEN DVD cases! . They are standard single cases (14 mm thick a.k.a. .59″) and have a full, clear wrap around sleeve to slide the XBOX 360 cover art into! These are the same thickness as the standard black DVD boxes that movies come in and the same size/color as X-Box 360 games come in!

Perfect for replacing scratched, cracked and broken XBOX 360 cases and making your collection look new again. Also great to replace your boring black DVD boxes with these bright and colorful ones! Not only do they make your DVD collection look better, but if your DVDs get stolen it makes identifying them so much easier!

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C. Harms says:

Not what you are looking for. These may look like the regular Xbox 360 game cases, but I can assure you they are not. The color is not as lime green as the regular game cases (even though they look it in the picture) so they are sure to stick out. The build on them is also not very good as they feel very cheaply made. Beware.

rfwill13 says:

It does its job but it could be way better. I bought a pack because a game I got had a chipped case and I wanted new cases for a couple used games I bought. I just just one case for awhile. I began to noticed that the clips used to hold the CD cause the inner circle to chip. The top layer of plastic chips because of the clips. No problems with the games playing but it is a bit worrying knowing that the game is chipping. I tried putting a new disc in a case and it chipped right away. I’m pretty sure there are better cases out there but you get what you pay for and for the most part I’m happy.

Anonymous says:

These were exactly as described and work great. I use them for some of the cases I have that have stickers all over them or have broken. Wouldn’t know the difference from a new.

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