40 Top Paleo Recipes – Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss (Paleolithic Diet Cookbook)

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40 Top Paleo Recipes – Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss (Paleolithic Diet Cookbook)

Are you looking for a healthier diet? Searching for easy to prepare, delicious meals the whole family will love?

The Paleo diet is based on the nutritional needs of our bodies. An assimilation of the diet eaten by the pre- agriculture, Hunter/Gatherers. It includes all foods that can be grown, caught or collected. What better diet to eat than the natural one?

Fresh, organic and free-range foods have the highest nutritional value, taste sublime and are simple to prepare. Make a single serving or make enough to feed the whole family. They are easy to adapt to any need or taste.

* Habanero Chicken
* Pesto Fillets
* Turkey sausage Casserole
* Walnut Banana Bread
* Best Fried Beef
* Almond Buckwheat Muffins
* Cranny Scones
* Breakfast Cereal
* Tasty Lamb Meatballs
* Beef and Bacon Mini Meatloaf

Paleo is tasty, nutritious and so easy to make. Give your body a treat and feed it a Paleolithic diet today!


Jodie Rowe says:

not paleo This book refers to buckwheat and vegetable oil, neither of which are part of the paleolithic diet. Don’t waste your time with this.

kathyeisele says:

Not very strict Paleo Considering it was free it’s ok, glad I didn’t pay for it. While flipping through it I found a recipe and it called for Buckwheat flour, well that is on the list to avoid, and many beginners might not know it right off. Sad to say that people jump on the bandwagon and write a book really unaware of the simple rules of the diet. Maybe thats why the book was free? If you are considering this way of life for health or medical reasons do your research and find a different book that follows the guidelines.

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