365 Sports Cars You Must Drive

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365 Sports Cars You Must Drive

Sports cars make up one of the most beloved automotive genres for car fans. From towering icons like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Corvette to everyman sportsters from Triumph, MG, Sunbeam, and Miata to oddballs like Crosley, Sabra, and DB, sports cars inspire passion and strong opinions as few other vehicles on the road could. This book, 365 Sports Cars You Must Drive, provides capsule overviews and fun facts about the greatest, oddest, most beautiful, and most ill-considered sports cars of all time. How many have you driven, dreamed about, or shuddered at the thought of?


Michael S says:

Great photos of wonderful machines This is a fun book. There is no great depth in the text explaining the photos but it is all about the pictures. I do offer a slight caveat. More than a few of the facts associated with the photos are incorrect. I noticed at least 6 errors without any need to double check. My theory is that most of the data were found using a simple web search and there was no effort to fact check. Some offenses are simply blatant. For example,the price of a current version Maserati Gran Turisimo is listed in what I can only assume as being in Australian dollars or a more direct offense is where an 8 cylinder Lamborgini Jalpa is listed as being a V10). That aside I find myself enjoying the photographs and making mental tick marks as to what cars I want in my garage some day.Even if you cannot read English (in which case you would not be reading this review) this book is a worthwhile and fun purchase for any petrol head if simply for the collection of photos.

Joubin Mortazavi says:

great Bought for my nephew. He loved it. My kids love it too. Great for kids and adults. Great pics and descriptions of all sorts of cars.

howie "howie" says:

A Must Have!! This is a Great book, lots of fun info. all color, would buy again, you will be very happy, a real deal!!

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