199 Vaginas: The Ultimate Photo Collection

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199 Vaginas: The Ultimate Photo Collection

Vaginas, vaginas, and even MORE vaginas. Feel like a gynecologist when you see how close some of these photos take you to the love canal, also known as the “pussy”. These color pictures range from three inches away to three feet away. Men and lesbians alike will love comparing the different vagina pictures, all fully nude / naked, all in full color. There are wrinkly vaginas, smooth vaginas, hairy vaginas, shaved vaginas, puffy vaginas, and shrunken vaginas… open vaginas, and closed vaginas…. pale colored vaginas, rich deep colored vaginas…. This is an 5 by 8 book with two pictures per page, so these certainly bring the vagina to life. Don’t think of this as XXX Sex Porn, think of it as beautiful feminine erotic art. All shapes, sizes, and colors are in this book, a compelling collection of women from around the world. No actual sex, but WARNING; VERY GRAPHIC NUDITY.

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j killhit "johnny killhit" says:

Poor Quality! All the pictures are pixelated and fuzzy.Basically looks like they searched the net,Copy-pasted(stealing) a bunch of images,enlarged them and threw them in a book. Dont like it , im going to return it

SH "SH" says:

Very Poor – Terrible, In Fact The photos contained in this book appear to be printed on a 10-year old inkjet printer, and look like blocky, low-resolution, enlarged images. The pages are not glossy, the photos are obviously not professionally taken. It looks like the author just copied and pasted thumbnail photos from adult websites and printed them at home.Basically, with an hour on the internet and a modern printer, I could create a much better, higher-quality book than this.Not recommended.

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